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A discussion on the future of plastic

Growing recognition of plastic’s impact on our environment and human health means we need a comprehensive and bold plan to address this important issue.

Redirecting the Future of Plastic in NSW

We are seeking feedback on our discussion paper. Have a read and tell us what you think.

Our discussion paper, Cleaning Up Our Act: Redirecting the Future of Plastic in NSW lays the ground work for making NSW a national and global leader in the management of plastics. It sets targets to reduce the amount of plastic we generate, increase recycling rates, reduce plastic pollution and make NSW a global leader in plastic research and solution development.

The NSW Government is consulting with the community and stakeholders before finalising the NSW Plastics Plan. Your views on the targets and priority directions proposed in the discussion paper are highly valued and will inform the development of the NSW Plastics Plan.

We want to get your feedback on proposals to:

Phase out key single-use plastics

Triple the proportion of plastic recycled in NSW across all sectors and streams by 2030

Reduce plastic litter items by 25% by 2025

Make NSW a leader in national and international research on plastics

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Public consultation on the discussion paper is now open.

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