Why it matters

The management of waste and recycling is one of our most pressing environmental and social challenges. It is a service we all rely on each and every day. The sector is undergoing significant change due to shifts in domestic and global markets, as well as community expectation about what happens to their waste. There is an opportunity for NSW to lead the way in waste reduction, recycling and protecting our environment.


A conversation on the future of waste and recycling

The NSW 20-Year Waste Strategy is a whole-of-government initiative to provide a long-term strategic direction for communities, industry and all levels of government to work together to build resilient services and markets for waste resources.

The Future for Waste and Recycling

We are seeking feedback on our issues paper. Have a read and tell us what you think.

An issues paper Cleaning Up Our Act: The Future for Waste and Resource Recovery in NSW has been released for public consultation, to help shape the development of the 20-Year Waste Strategy.

Drawing on the evidence and stakeholder engagement to date, the issues paper sets out the case for action and outlines a range of options that could support the shift towards a circular economy.

We want to get your feedback on options to:

Generate less waste

Improve collection and sorting

Plan for future infrastructure

Create end markets

Have your say

Public consultation on the issues paper is now open.

Provide your feedback by making a submission below. You are not required to answer every question.

If you would like to provide feedback by email, send your submission to 20YWS@dpie.nsw.gov.au.

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